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11+ Mock Tests in Sutton

ElevenPlusMock (11+Mock) runs 11+ mock tests in and around London.

London and Kent have many schools, both Private and Grammar, that require students to sit an entrance examination. Our aim is to equip any child with the necessary experience and tools to reach their potential in any such test.

Another reason to sit the Mock Tests is to gain valuable experience of exam conditions.

The 11+ Tests are for children in year 5.

Each pupil can choose from 6 subjects: Numeracy (multiple choice maths), Literacy (multiple choice English), Maths, English extended writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. As the papers are long and demanding, we recommend that children take no more than four in one day, even though there is a break between each test.

By popular demand, and for maximum benefit, all papers will be returned either electronically or by post.

Details of the dates and times of our forthcoming tests can be found here.

The 11+ Mock Test papers have been specially commissioned so your child will not have seen them before.

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