11+ Mock Tests in Sutton


Q: Why take the Mock Tests?
The tests are designed to create familiarity in a test environment and to introduce your child to potential pitfalls to avoid. For example, some children spend too long on one question, instead of moving on to easier ones. This will show up upon return of the paper. Some children score very heavily in the questions they complete, but do not finish the paper. Therefore, managing the time more effectively, or simply speeding up with practice can be a simple solution.

There are always children who sit the real 11+ test with no previous experience. This puts a child at a serious disadvantage before the test has even begun. These Mock Tests cannot guarantee success, but will optimise a child's chances of passing similar exams and allow them to reach their potential.
Q: Do you still run 10+ tests?
We have supplied 10+ mock tests for several years as parents are keen to know in good time if their children are progressing well towards the 11+. However, due to unprecedented demand for mock tests in recent years, we have had to turn 11+ students away due to oversubscription. It is for this reason that we have taken the difficult decision not to run 10+ tests this year.
Q: Can my year 4 child sit an 11+ Mock Test?
In the interests of your child, please make sure you have tried out our past papers before booking an 11+ mock test that is designed for top year 5 students. Very few year 4 children will benefit from taking an 11+ test, but we recognise that there may be a small number of very able year 4 students who are capable of handling an 11+ paper. We will not exclude those students but please be accurate about the student's age and we can then reflect the difference in ages in the results.
Q: How do I know which tests to select?
The tests cover the subjects set by the local Grammar schools in Sutton and Kingston. For example, the Grammar schools in Sutton and Kingston (for entrance in 2018) required a multiple choice English and maths paper for stage 1, and then Maths and English (long answers) for stage 2. Parents need to check each school's website for entrance requirements for 2023.
Q: What do we need to bring on the day?
Each child will need to know his/her seat number for each Mock Test. This will be emailed or posted to you upon receipt and acceptance of your application.

Children should bring a few pencils, a rubber, a ruler and a bottle of water. We advise using a plastic transparent bag for the stationery as is customary during school examinations.

Students are welcome to bring snacks with them, although there will be no food allowed in the exam hall.
Q: What is your refund policy?
If you wish to cancel, then a 75% refund will be given. This enables ElevenPlusMock to cover costs, including any charges incurred from PayPal. If your child is ill and cannot attend, you can change to a later date, free of charge, or receive the 75% refund. No refunds are available on the special offers, but transfers are permitted.
Q: How and when will we get the results?
The marks of all 11+ applicants in Maths, Verbal, Non-Verbal, English, Numeracy and Literacy will be made available on the website within two weeks after the test date. The question papers and the answers given by the candidates will be sent electronically or by post. The English extended writing results may take longer due to the detailed feedback. You will need your candidate number to access the results. The results of others will be totally anonymous and you will be emailed when they are available to view.
Q: Is there a closing date for entries?
Please visit the website www.elevenplusmock.org.uk to make sure that the session is not full before you apply.

Please make sure applications are posted at least two weeks before the Mock Test date or the application made by email at least 1 week before. If you do post an application form it would be helpful if you can also send an advisory email in case we do not receive it.
Q: Can parents stay?
Parents are not able to stay in the building. We ask that you leave a mobile number in case we should have to contact you and that you alert us to any medical condition your child has. For your reassurance a qualified first aider will be present in the school for the duration of the tests.
Q: What time will the Mock Tests finish?
Please visit our Schedule page to find out the times of the tests. The collection time will depend on how many tests your child is sitting. If your child is sitting three tests, for example, pick-up will be forty minutes after the start of the third test. If your child is staying for the duration of the morning session, collection time is at 1 p.m. You will be emailed the times of arrival and collection with your candidate number.
Q: Do the tests have to start at 9.20 am or 2 pm?
No, if you are booking fewer than 4 tests in the morning or afternoon, then you can use the drop down menu on the apply page to indicate your preferred start time.
Q: Can my child sit some Mock Tests in the morning and some in the afternoon?
We don't recommend any student sit more than four demanding tests in one day. Students can select a mixture of morning or afternoon sessions.
Q: How many mock tests are ElevenPlusMock running in 2022?
There will be two sets of 11+ papers in 2022. Candidates can sit both of these sets of papers as the questions will be unique.
Q: What is the price of the 11+ Mock Tests?
The price is £20 per test, except English extended writing which is £25. This includes the results and return of papers for all tests, as well as detailed feedback for the extended writing paper and comprehensive answers.
Q: How will we know what to expect in the 11+ Mock Tests?
The tests have been specially commissioned, so your child will not have seen the papers before. Many schools set their own papers, which include a vast selection of questions. Our tests will cover the widest range possible and sample papers are available on our sample page.

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